In-Store mobile payment

United States 20090077477

Filed May 31, 2012

In-Store mobile payment

API Manipulation for performance

United States 20090077477

Filed March 26, 2012

API Manipulation for performance


United States 20100077461

Issued March 25, 2010

A method for generating authentication code for web service resources. The method includes receiving a selection of a resource method, where the resource method defines a method for interacting with a resource associated with a web service. The method further includes determining an authentication scheme for the resource method, where the authentication scheme defines an authentication mechanism…more

REST Application Exploration(Link)

United States 20090077477

Issued March 19, 2009

A REST application may be explored through discovery of resources and exercising of methods. A user interface displays a graphical representation of the REST application based on a model constructed in memory. User input selects a resource. Methods associated with the selected resource are displayed. A user may select a method and provide input. A request is automatically sent to the server based…more

Method, apparatus, and program product for creating and maintaining a data model(Link)

United States 20080208887

Issued August 28, 2008

Apparatus, methods, and computer program products are disclosed that teach a method of generating a concrete-schema-instance as a result of modifying a representation of an abstract-instance-object-model. The concrete-schema-instance so generated represents an information-model used to process a concrete-information-instance.

System and method for automatically generating XML schema for validating XML input documents(Link)

United States 20060041838

Issued August 23, 2004

Techniques, systems and apparatus for automatically generating schema using an initial documents constructed in an XML compatible format are disclosed. A method involves providing an initial XML document that and analyzing the XML document to identify the XML data structures in the document and generating a data framework that corresponds to the data structure of the XML document. The data items…more

Mechanism for enabling distributed file sharing among a plurality of nodes in a network(Link)

United States 7,516,132

Issued November 12, 2004

A mechanism is disclosed for enabling a plurality of nodes on a network to collaboratively share a file. In one implementation, each node maintains its own copy of the file, and each node may make updates to its copy of the file. Whenever a node does update the contents of a region of the file, that node sends out an update message. The update message comprises the updated content for the region…more


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