Pursera.com – The intelligent product search engine

Why would someone would attempt to build a e-commerce site when there are tons of them providing product search?

The reason is simple: Most of them provide keyword search. When it comes to serendipitous search they fail.

And what is this serendipitous search? It is a search for that product or thing that you need lots of words to describe. This is where Pursera.com can help. Our team understands this problem very well, so we built a one and only sentence based product search engine.

How it works?

You describe what you are looking for buying. Pursera’s search engine would use its algorithm to intelligently search products from Amazon, eBay, Walmart and so on. You will be amazed to see the results of the search.


Is there a fee for using Pursera.com? Absolutely No!

What are other features of Pursera.com?

  • Pursera is a quick way for holiday shopping
  • Pin products to get price alerts
  • Track all your packages at one place
  • Pursera dashboard
  • Pursera provides best analytics of your shopping expenditure on products, shipping etc

Pin Manager



On the product search results page, hover over the product you want to pin. Click on the pin clip icon to pin the product. Pinning helps you save for tracking or getting price alerts. You can always visit the ‘Pin Manager’ from the Apps menu to see your pinned products as shown below.




See all your purchases, spending, shipping expenses, deals all in one place.



See all your package tracking status in a convenient UI. We have chosen a calendar as the best UI to track your packages.

Product detail


Product detail page is a convenient way to get details about the product, update tracking/price alerts. You can see the review from other users or post a review to share.

You will really enjoy our search engine and other apps in it!

See you at Pursera.com!



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