World Energy Grid

Earth’s axial tilt (23 degree) causes one pole to be directed toward the Sun on one side of the orbit, and the other pole on the other side, the cause of the seasons on the Earth. Northern hemisphere summer occurs where the north pole (red) is directed toward the Sun, and winter in the side away from it.

While seasons are beneficial to the ecosystem of life on Earth, it causes in-balance in the demand for heating energy in the region away from the equator. World energy is not distributed equally around the world. This puts enormous pressure on the governments around the world to meet the energy demand.

While governments and agencies such as “World Energy Innovation Forum” focus is on innovation around harnessing Solar, Wind,… power, there is no innovation around creating a world energy grid.

What is “World Energy Grid”

It is a grid transmitting energy to balance the supply and demand of world energy needs.

How does it work?

Approach 1: Harness the solar light directly and transmit using reflectors to huge funnel. The funnel is connected to photo reflective pipes with special material to keep reflective light at such a angle that light is always traveling forward to the other end of the pipe. At the end of the pipe there are massive water or molten salt energy storage tanks. Cables laid north-south would produce good results during the winter and summer in northern and southern hemispheres.

Approach 2: Instead of transmitting solar light directly, absorb the solar rays into electron [1] or other medium.

Is it worth the cost?

In the long run, when the world supply of fossil fuels diminishes, this is an alternative source of transmission of solar energy.

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We build it! Computer Vision using Eye ‘Naina’ Glass/Android

Rizwin Azeez is a great guy. I met him last December at Kochi the IT hub of Kerala, India. I saw genius in him. After I returned to US after my vacation, I have been in touch with him. We discussed various ideas in Technology that will benefit mankind. This is such a product that we build.

We are in the process of mass producing this product.